how we celebrated 🌎 day
lorelei is going to lose her shit in the morning 🐰🐣🐰
lorelei wearing my childhood cowboy boots. they are still too big, but she could care less. ❤️
when did my baby turn into a sticker-living, ponytail-wearing little kid?
she cracks herself up, and her hair never ceases to amaze me
we dressed up pretty for an easter egg hunt 🐰🐣💐
this girl is absolutely crazy about the ocean
"momdad" is what Lorelei has titled this picture
getting her hair styled by dad while watching wall-e in her new chair, aka livin’the life

A post about Lorelei’s first birthday and birthday party.

diggin’ it (“it” being a house that’s finally clean, organized and decorated) 🌾
our first slumber party #pleasegobacktosleep 💤
this girly loves football 🏈
the smiley face she makes every time she hears the camera flutter