this belly has officially bloomed 🌸
I had the cutest dinner date tonight 🍝 #mamadaughterdatenight
toddler dessert vs. pregnant mama dessert 🍓
this hasn’t happened since Lorelei was a nursing newborn. now she’s a toddler who digs back scratches. 💕
Lorelei’s “vintage” toddler pants (they used to be mine).
our little growing baby’s first concert: jenny lewis 🎸
Lorelei’s lotion squirted out in the shape of a heart. She was very pleased 💜.
this little tummy-lover is going to be an amazing big sister 💕
toddler legs//mama legs
Lorelei melted a few hearts today.
she is already multitasking, and she reads in the sweetest way: “nigh night moon!”
this is the face Lorelei made when I told her that she had to let me take a picture of her orange mustache before she could have any more carrot juice