Lorelei melted a few hearts today.
she is already multitasking, and she reads in the sweetest way: “nigh night moon!”
this is the face Lorelei made when I told her that she had to let me take a picture of her orange mustache before she could have any more carrot juice
Lorelei grabbed this purse and told me she was going to work.
that moment you realize your baby isn’t really a baby anymore
but this is something I see every day #babiesoncats
not something you see every day #dogsonswings
my sweet little girl discovered mud today thanks to a water-toting toddler friend. it’s hard to think that she still has so many new things to discover; things that I discovered long ago; things that have since become a nuisance now that I’m an adult. but to her, there is nothing more exciting than squishing what will one day become an annoying substance between her tiny toes, and then eating snacks with her mud-covered fingers. and for me, there is nothing more enlightening than witnessing childhood for a second time through the experiences of a child that I created.
these two are ready to conquer swim class today
happy father’s day to the love of our lives, @ryancoghill. you can have all the cookies. 💕🍪🍻
my #honeymoon capture, from my upstairs deck. i don’t know what’s more impressive, the moon itself or the fact that i remembered to go look at it.