@j_hobbs I received my ridiculously comfortable tank top today in the mail, thank you! My “story”: I’m a mother to a 21-month-old named Lorelei and am just about 20 weeks pregnant with my second baby, another girl. I work as a first grade teacher’s aide and am working toward getting certified as both a childbirth educator and postpartum doula. Motherhood is the most incredible thing I have ever done and I hope to help make other moms feel the same way I do, “Strong as a Mother.”
Like mother, like daughter. I don’t even remember taking this picture of Lorelei but I am so, so happy I found it today. I love seeing how similar we are as she grows 📷.
Having a clean and redecorated house, being freshly showered and enjoying the calm that a peacefully sleeping toddler brings feels really fucking awesome. Don’t kill my vibe tomorrow, Monday.
Girls 2 - Boys 0
one of the most beautiful orchids #traderjoes has ever sold
Lorelei says, “A bunch of rocks!!” (at Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History)
today’s morning #mullet was one that surely deserved documentation
this belly has officially bloomed 🌸
I had the cutest dinner date tonight 🍝 #mamadaughterdatenight
toddler dessert vs. pregnant mama dessert 🍓
this hasn’t happened since Lorelei was a nursing newborn. now she’s a toddler who digs back scratches. 💕
Lorelei’s “vintage” toddler pants (they used to be mine).
our little growing baby’s first concert: jenny lewis 🎸