early nesting
a beautiful fall succulent creation made by my ever-talented mom, @grandmaryperry, using a pinecone discovered by Lorelei and her papa on last week’s walk 🍁
Lorelei had her first nightmare last night, and it resulted in her sleeping in mom and dad’s bed for the first time ever. I don’t blame her. I would totally do the same if I thought there were crabs in my crib.
Lorelei came to visit me at work yesterday.
Lorelei was a very sweet flower girl today at Auntie Taylor and Uncle Brendan’s wedding 🌸 #cogfinn1010
this little angel projectile vomited all over the table at her auntie’s rehearsal dinner
we are a family of readers
a messy, golden topknot is a small step toward dealing with this heat wave
I’ve posted another letter to Lorelei on the blog. She’s almost two so we have a lot in common, like a deep love for fresh-baked French bread. Read all about this and other commonalities, link in profile 🍞.

A new letter to Lorelei, who adds facets to her personality every day.

the best afternoon
21 weeks and growing ⏰

felt inspired by my toddler’s painting skills today.

New post up today about the mother/daughter/sister bond, since I’m about to experience it in a whole new way.

we did some serious rock gathering today with @grandmaryperry